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A Ca·lyx (’kāliks/, noun) is the Collective green leaf like part of a flower; a whorl forming the outer floral envelope that protects the developing bud. 

The passion we have for Calyx Collective stems from my own path back to health.  When your body suddenly fails to work the way it should, it can become crippling both mentally and physically. Conventional medicine didn’t have the answers other than steroids and prescription pain meds. Lucky enough to have a nutritionist and a naturopath-in-training as daughters and a research-minded wife, we had diet considerations and herbal remedies covered which helped strengthen the immune system.  Happy to be healed, we want to share our knowledge and help to put others on the path to wellness.


We welcome your questions and comments.
You can contact us at: (617) 816-0163


National Hemp Association


I am Dr. Julius Green I, the new owner of Calyx Collective. I am a Medicinal Organic Chemist by training. Many of you remember me as the other Sales Associate next to the original owner when our brick-and-mortar store was open before the pandemic. One of my goals when I first moved to Boston was to get into the cannabinoid industry and make wholistic products. When I first began working for Calyx Collective with the original owner in 2019, I never believed that two years later, I would end up as the new owner of Calyx Collective. There have been some challenges with the unexpected events of the pandemic and transition, but I am determined to have a wholistic and healing experience for our customers and to provide exceptional customer service. Please sign up for the newsletter and be on the look out for new products and services, pop-up shops, and updates on reopening our new location. Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you back soon.

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