When’s the last time you had a satisfying deep tissue massage that you enjoyed?  For me, it’s been one of those necessities, not a relaxing hour that I look forward to… until now. 

While in Covid-quarantine, I’ve been pushing my exercise routine to the limit, trying to de-stress and truthfully, only because I’ve had more time to do it.  I’ve never felt more in need of a deep tissue massage.  

There is a big buzz about CBD massage oil and from my research and experience, it seems to live up to the hype.

CBD  (cannabidiol), the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant, is known for it’s healing qualities.   It can be made in the form of a tincture, capsule, edible, or topical oil, cream or salve.  Used topically, it is an excellent way to manage tight muscles, back pain, and arthritis with the added benefit of CBD’s anti-bacterial and healing properties which help to clear acne, psoriasis, eczema, dry skin and can have anti-aging effects.

A deep tissue massage with CBD allows the clinician to more easily stretch the muscle and manipulate soft tissue while releasing tension.  And it all has a relaxing effect so you can zen-out during the process. The anxiety and stress you’ve been holding in your upper back, shoulders and neck just melt away.

The massage technique is the same as always, but you have an added benefit of the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects of CBD.  The blissful results can last for hours, much longer than a regular massage.

When topical CBD massage oil is used with a CBD tincture, capsule or edible (taken an hour or so before your massage), it can further elevate the experience by helping you to relax.  

CBD massage oil comes in many blends, often combined with natural essential oils and herbs like arnica and calendula that further initiate relaxation and healing.  Calyx-Collective likes a product from Life Flower, with a high potency of CBD oil, charged with rose quartz for an extra boost of positive energy.

I was told by Trina, owner of Bella Boutique Spa in Newtonville, MA that CBD massage oil is now the most requested add-on for treatments on their menu.  

With all forms of CBD, the science in the U.S. has not kept pace with experiential success, but you can’t ignore the positive results reported by so many.

As we all adjust to the added stress of daily life under Covid-19, a CBD massage seems like a given that we all could use.