The amount of chronic pain I experienced as I battled Lyme disease was astounding – astounding and debilitating. The physical pain was all consuming, the lack of sleep was the evil little side effect. I was prescribed heavy duty antibiotics, oxycodone, prednisone, NSAIDS, took an array of  supplements and meditated. The results ranged from nasty side effects to short term relief. I was then introduced to cannabis (CBD and THC).

According to Dr. Bill Rawls author of a great book on Lyme disease, Unlocking Lyme, “The fact that CBD has the potential to relieve pain without causing euphoria or intoxication makes it interesting from a medical point of view. In fact, CBD-rich cannabis may be the ideal option for acute management of pain and sleep dysfunction associated with Lyme disease and fibromyalgia”

I have experienced the effects of CBD and have since learned that by modulating the CB1 And CB2 receptors throughout the body it decreases the cytokine storm (overproduction of immune cells causing inflammation) of Lyme disease. The more subtle effects of CBD were to modulate serotonin levels, thus decreasing the anxiety associated with chronic pain.

This was important because as any chronic pain sufferer will tell you, anxiety is what happens when you feel trapped inside a body that won’t stop torturing you. It’s like claustrophobia, only worse—because you’re not just stuck in a closet, you’re stuck in a closet with needles and spikes. 

Over a period of months taking CBD 2-3 times a day and continuing to adapt to my anti-inflammatory diet, supplements and meditation, I was able to end the use of the drugs and gradually got my body back. Feeling normal never felt so good.